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Name:2007 Transformers Movie Fic, Art, and More!
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TRANSFORMERS 3 DISCUSSION POST - Post all TF3 discussions and information here, not in the main community.


Hello! You've arrived at tf2007fun - a Livejournal community dedicated solely to fanwork and discussions for the 2007 Transformers film! Don't you feel the love?

We're a pretty relaxed group, but we do have a few rules.

SPOILER ALERTS: Please post all spoilers for the TF3 movie BEHIND A FRIEND CUT. Not everyone wants to know that Snape kills Dumbledore.

  • This community is for fic, art, and discussion related to the 2007 Transformers Life Action movie and its upcoming sequel(s). No Armada/G1/Cybertron/Energon/Animated/etc based stuff is allowed. This doesn't mean that 2007 movieverse based work with G1 characters isn't allowed - we simply desire that all the work inside is based on the movieverse. (There are a few non-2007 movie related communities linked in the Affiliates section, for those looking for something else.)

  • All are welcome here. Pairing or non-pairing, het, slash, gen - everything's cool. That means you can post a fic that's as cute and fluffy as a bunny or one that involves bunny-like actions (if you catch my drift). Sam/Mikaela, Barricade/Frenzy, Lennox/Ironhide WHATEVER YOU WANT, MAN.

  • Do not flame another member. No one likes getting yelled at for not liking/believing/thinking the same. ConCrit, however, is not flaming and is completely allowed. If you are having any issues with another member, please e-mail me and we can discuss the issue. This goes for questions. If somebody asks a question that you think is obvious, just answer the question and move on with your life. It's rude to yell at people for asking obvious questions.

  • Contribute, please! This isn't a rule so much as it is me BEGGING. Even if you just have a passing thought during work or something, go ahead and hit us up. Don't be afraid to post even one-liners, so long as they aren't spam. No community advertising at the moment, plzkthx! (This means that your post cannot be just an advertisement for your community - it MUST HAVE SOMETHING RELATED TO THIS COMMUNITY.)
    • On the subject, toy sale posts must obtain mod permission from artoni prior to posting, else they will be considered advertisements and subject to the same rules. There is no exception, and you may NOT obtain it after posting. You may, however, delete and repost (and/or edit) with comm-related content.

  • Speaking of - let's try to keep out of horrible spelling issues, especially in fic. If English isn't your first language, it's ok to make grammar/spelling mistakes; just don't use netspeak like you need it to breathe. This rule does not apply to fics where netspeak is meant to be hilarious. Spellcheck is your bestest friend in the whole wide world.

  • When posting in general, please tag your entries. Guidelines on correctly tagging entries can be found here.

  • Please, for the love of all that's holy, leave Mary Sue home and don't bring "sticky" fic in. Sometimes, even the depraved have standards, and those two definitely fall under them here at TF2007Fun. (Autobots are robots, and Mary Sues are just annoying. OCs ARE NOT MARY SUES BY DEFAULT. Don't be scared. So long as she doesn't have FLAMING PINK HAIR, DD breasts and a six 2 waist - and Ironhide falls in love with her AT FIRST SIGHT - we'll be accepting.)

  • When posting fic/art/creative stuff, please be sure to have the Title, Rating (using the system from the page the fic is being linked from), Pairing, a short Summary (fic-wise), and if you want, an author's note. Make sure to alert people to any content that might be NSFW, or if it's just so cracky that some people might get a buzz. EVERYBODY, no matter who or what, has to post a header with the above. This includes chapters of fics, one-shots, drabbles, art, etc. Please do not skimp on this.

Got that? It's pretty easy. Have fun, don't spam, and be active! We're a lovely community and we build loooong lasting friendships over everything from discussions about OCs to talk about Ironhide and Lennox having zany adventures. So come on in - the gang's all here!

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